Barn Painting: “Bookends”

When I first looked at this little barn, perched up on a built-up bank, I thought about how lonely it seemed. No road leading up to it. No farm equipment or cows or horses or chickens in sight. Just the barn. To the right of the barn, but a good distance away, was a pretty robust tree, but there was only a tiny sapling on the barn’s left. The tiny barn needed some company. So I gave it some – two trees, full of autumn color – and placed them on each side, framing the barn as bookends frame a collection of books. And, going back to my younger years, which were a long, long time ago, that scene conjured up Paul Simon’s song, Old Friends.

Old friends, old friends

Sat on their park bench

Like bookends

A newspaper blown through the grass

Falls on the round toes

On the high shoes

Of the old friends.