Barn Painting: “Silence”

I enjoyed meeting Chad and Amy Harris, owners of this old barn and the nearby farmhouse, which Amy told me was built by a prominent physician around 1860. Parts of the house may have served as a hospital. It’s possible that a barn was built around this time, but the present one, with sawmill cuts on its lumber and timber, probably dates to the late 1890s or early 1900s. The original barn may have burned.

Amy and Chad bought the house and 10 acres in 2009, along with an adjoining 14 acres. Right now, they are raising five children, two horses, one dog, a parakeet, and various barn cats that come and go. Amy told me that many families have lived in this house over the past 157 years, one that most people know it as the “Engle house.”

Silence is golden, but I’m sure this barn could tell a few tales, if it could talk. A large cement pad, the remainder of what was once a tall silo, sits about 20 yards away from it. But, unfortunately, barns can’t talk; so we’ll have to use imagination to conjure up what stories could be told about this place since Civil War days. For all we know, there may have been plenty.