Barn Paintings Auction

The local area barn paintings pictured below, made by Dr Robert Kroeger of Cincinnati Ohio, were auctioned off at the 2017 Whitley County 4-H Fair. The auction was very successful. The twelve paintings – plus a bonus painting – were auctioned off for a total of $3,475. The Museum and artist, Dr. Robert Kroeger, each received 50% of the total sales. The Museum will use its share to help pay for the new sidewalk to the main walkway, the sidewalk around the flower garden and a 12’ by 36’ pad that will allow buses and vans to use their lifts to transport those visitors requiring wheelchairs. Many persons have taken advantage of the new sidewalks and appreciate a smooth and safe surface.

The Board of Directors for the Whitley County Agricultural Museum would like to thank all who attended the auction and placed a bid on the paintings. Whitley County always supports important and needy projects and this auction was no exception. Thank you Whitley County and thanks to The Post & Mail and its staff for all their support! It is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Kroeger is planning to return to Columbia City in November to run in the Veterans Marathon. At that time he will select 12 more barns to make paintings of with plans to auction them off at this year’s 4-H Fair.

About the Artist

Dr. Kroeger’s career includes a 30-year dental practice and four years in the Navy. Now retired, he paints barns in the oil impasto technique. He frames the paintings with reclaimed wood from the century-old barns, adding more history to his art.


Painting of Yingst barn titled  Painting of Lamle barn titled  Painting of Copp barn titled

Painting of Reese barn titled  Painting of Hurley barn titled  Painting of Boggs barn titled

Painting of Shivley barn titled  Painting of Beaychol barn titled  Painting of Harris barn titled

Painting of Reiff barn titled  Painting of Drew barn titled  Painting of Wilkinson barn titled